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Mobilní aplikace RUDY


Mobile application facilitating maintenance and asset management fieldwork.

What you cannot measure,
you cannot manage.

Main benefits

It serves for the electronic entry and implementation of maintenance requests. It helps organization to effectively manage their work remotely and from anywhere. It allows them to conveniently enter costs, inform about the implementation status of the request and provides an update on the current state of areas and equipment with basic information about each asset card, including parameters and repeated activities. 

zadání požadavku

Request entry

Fast and comfortable directly in the field using voice commands or QR code.

Offline režim

Offline and voice mode

For convenient use of the application even in places without signal, even by voice.



Clear display of events and tasks in one place. 

Homepage EN

Overviews of technical records

Technical records and hierarchy of areas and equipment to the extent required for maintenance. 

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Request implementation

According to defined procedures, including time records, resources and subtasks. 

zprávy a notifikace

Messages and notifications 

Reporting of new tasks, request states and other important information. 

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Task overviews

Displaying technician tasks by date or priority.


Easy searching

Look-up of data simply using barcodes/QR codes or by entering parameters. 

Business contact

Ing. Michal Tesařík, MBA
+420 724 444 451


tř. Kosmonautů 1288/1, Olomouc
+420 587 333 405